Take a
ferry cruise

Enjoy a Swim
Go bush walking
Explore the
National Parks
Flora, Fauna and
Aboriginal sites

Relax in the
Spa pool

Enjoy a massage
and Yoga session

Peruse the galleries
and boutiques

Play a round
of Golf
or tennis
Scotland Island Lodge Pittwater

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Scotland Island Lodge Activities in Pittwater

There are two local golf courses nearby, as well as tennis courts.

If you need a retail fix Mona Vale and nearby Avalon have many unusual and interesting boutiques and galleries to spend some time browsing. Relax afterwards in one fo the many little cafes.

We can also arrange for you to have a beautiful massage or private Yoga session with qualified practitioners, who live on the island.

And if you just feel like being lazy, then you can relax in the garden with a magazine or your latest book and a cool drink, and let the rest of the world go by.

Scotland Island Lodge Yoga
Scotland Island Lodge Pittwater